Library Management System

A college library plays an important role in a student’s learning journey. Academic, Reference books and journals can be borrowed from the college library and returned within a specific number of days

Flipick Library Management simulates the library function for eBooks and enhanced eBooks. In a typical business model, the college library purchases an annual subscription for a specific number of copies of multiple titles. These can then be lent to the students for specific number of days. A college uploads a list of all students and professors enabling them to borrow the eBooks.


These are some of the salient features of the Flipick Library Management System

Annual Subscription of eBooks. The subscription and availability of the eBook expires automatically at the end of the subscription period
The library can lend multiple eBooks to a student or a professor. The number of eBooks that can be lent at a time and the duration is configurable
The student can read the eBooks and view all the multi-media assets in the Flipick LMS
The borrowed eBook is automatically returned to the library at the end of the borrowing period
The librarian module provides a complete view of the eBooks borrowed and their inventory